Daintree Ferry – Experience the Adventure of Crossing the Daintree River

Take a ride on the Daintree Ferry and experience the adventure of crossing the Daintree River. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, spot unique wildlife, and access some of the most beautiful destinations in the area. Book your adventure today!

The Daintree Ferry is a unique and essential part of any visit to the Daintree Rainforest in North Queensland, Australia. This ferry offers visitors the chance to experience the adventure of crossing the Daintree River while enjoying the beautiful scenery and spotting unique wildlife.

Here’s what you can expect

  1. Beautiful scenery – Enjoy stunning views of the Daintree River and the surrounding rainforest, with the beautiful mountains and coastline in the distance.
  2. Unique wildlife – Spot unique wildlife, such as crocodiles, birds, and other native animals, as you cross the river.
  3. Access to popular destinations – Access to some of the area’s most beautiful and popular destinations, including Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest.
  4. Experience the adventure – Crossing the Daintree River on the ferry is a unique and exciting experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Daintree Ferry? A cable-driven vehicular ferry that crosses the Daintree River in North Queensland, Australia.
  2. What is the purpose of the Daintree Ferry? Access to popular destinations in the area, including Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest.
  3. What are the operating hours of the Daintree Ferry? Operates daily from 5 am to midnight, including Christmas Day.
  4. How much does it cost to ride the Daintree Ferry? The cost varies depending on the type of vehicle and the number of passengers.  Please see the prices below.
  5. How long does the Daintree Ferry ride take? The trip takes approximately 10 minutes to cross the Daintree River.
  6. What is the maximum capacity of the Daintree Ferry? The maximum capacity is 27 vehicles and 200 passengers.
  7. Can I book a spot on the Daintree Ferry in advance? No, booking a spot in advance is impossible. The ferry operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. What should I do if I miss the last Daintree Ferry? If you miss the last Daintree Ferry, you must find alternative accommodation in the area. There are several options available, including camping and hotels.
  9. Is it safe to ride the Daintree Ferry? Yes, the ferry is operated by experienced and trained staff who ensure the safety of all passengers and vehicles.
  10. Can I bring my pets? Yes, pets are allowed on a leash or in a pet carrier.

Daintree Ferry Prices

Bicycle or pedestrian one way $3
Bicycle or pedestrian return $4
Car/Utility one way $26
Car/Utility return $45
Motor Bike one way $10
Motor Bike Return $17
Trailer / Caravan one way $10
Trailer / Caravan return $16


Destinations south of the Daintree River Destinations North of the Daintree River
Daintree Village Cape Tribulation 
Mossman Gorge Cow Bay
Wonga Beach Coconut Beach
Port Douglas Cooper Creek
Palm Cove Bloomfield Track
Cairns  Cooktown