An important starting point for any visit to the Daintree is the Daintree Discovery Centre, located just 10 kilometres north of Daintree River ferry.

This award-winning, world-class interpretive facility allows visitors easy access to every level of the rainforest, from the floor to the upper-most reaches of the canopy.

The multi-faceted venue operates on a number of dimensions and is a tourism experience in its own right.

It features a 23m Daintree canopy tower, 10m high aerial walkway, 900m of elevated rainforest boardwalks, displays of reptiles and fish, self-guided audio tours, coffee shop and souvenir shop.

Daintree Visitor Information
Daintree Discovery Centre 23m Tower

Its Discovery Centre allows visitors to get an understanding of the variety of unique plants and animals found in the prehistoric beauty of the Daintree Rainforest, the widest range of any rainforest in the world.

They can learn about these interesting species, as well as the history and Indigenous culture of this ancient environment, through self-guided Daintree Rainforest tours or professionally guided group tours.

Its Display Centre is a large, open-plan complex of over 410 square metres and offers a wide range of information about the rainforest. Colourful displays incorporate both images and easy to read the text.

The Centre also offers a number of interactive information kiosks with touch screen displays giving easy access to a variety of information suitable for all ages.

The Mossman Gorge Centre is a world-class Indigenous ecotourism visitor and interpretive centre at the entrance to the iconic Mossman Gorge. Staffed by local residents, the Centre can help you plan your adventure through the Gorge. A contemporary café, art gallery, and gift shop are also on-site.

Daintree National Park
Mossman Gorge Boardwalk Tour

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