Family Holidays

There’s a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy in the Daintree, from amazing rainforest journeys to remote historical locations, attractions and museums, to swimming hole adventures and beachside fun.

So much of the activity is nature-based and educative and has real value for all members of the family, particularly the young ones and teenagers who will be fascinated at the start by their overnight accommodation stays in rainforest cabins.

It’s impossible to discount the value to kids of their exposure in the rainforest to a range of living animals and insects, unique marine and bird life they might only ever have seen in books or movies.

Their adventure dreams can come to life during night-spotting tours with a torch or searching for a sighting of an elusive saltwater crocodile on the Daintree River.


Daintree Family Holidays
Daintree River Crocodile Spotting Cruise

And a stroll through The Bat House to check out flying foxes or a visit to the Daintree Entomological Museum to learn about some unique insects will give them natural history lessons without comparison.


Daintree Family Holidays
The Daintree Rainforest is home to many unique insects


There are also unique rainforest tours on both land and water, interactive Aboriginal culture experiences and rare rainforest fruit tastings.