The Daintree is a vast area that allows a host of activities to be explored through its many beautiful, natural settings and, alternatively, offers many organized activities.

Let experienced guides share their knowledge on cruises along the Daintree River. As well as frequent sightings of wildlife, including crocodiles, you will get a close look at the Daintree’s flora and diverse ecosystem.

Get a completely different perspective of the rainforest by taking to the heights of the canopy on a zip-lining tour that swings you between six tree canopy platforms.

For something back on the ground, saddle up on horseback and be guided through rainforest paths and along the pristine beaches.

For a two-wheel option, take to the rainforest paths on the bike, choosing either easy trails or perhaps a more rugged track to up the ante. Electric high-performance bikes are available with Freeride to seek out greater adventures.

For the intrepid traveller, sign up for a 4WD tour from Cape Tribulation and heading north over river crossings and rugged terrain.

Daintree Rainforest Adventure
Cape Tribulation / Daintree Rainforest 4WD Day Tour

An equally invigorating, and some say the best, way to explore the Daintree region is on foot with a sense of adventure.

For those short of time, or with the kids in tow, the half-hour Marrdja Botanical Walk on the south of Cape Tribulation is a delight.

This quick and easy walk leads you through the rainforest to the amazing lookout over Noah Creek, letting you experience the world’s oldest nature in a short time.

For those seeking a leisurely stroll, the Dubuji Boardwalk can be covered in a one-hour round trip. This self-guided path will guide you through mangroves and rainforest, bringing you up close with stunning creatures including cassowaries, butterflies and spiders.

Boost your knowledge of plants and wildlife with the interpretive signs along the way, making this a great family adventure.

If you can’t let the ocean out of your sight, head for Myall Beach and set out for a 90-minute trek up to Cape Tribulation and back.

Daintree Rainforest Aventure
Creb Track, North Queensland

Follow the boardwalk over the mangroves to arrive at Mason Creek, before heading north to the long stretches of sand at Cape Tribulation beach where you might like to stop for a bite to eat before heading back.

For those seeking a challenge, strap your shoes on for a six-hour round trip hike up Mt Sorrow Ridge.

If you are able to master the steep and difficult terrain, which may involve pulling yourself up in some tricky places, you will be rewarded at the top with breathtaking views of the Daintree Rainforest and out to the Great Barrier Reef.